vineri, 29 mai 2009

My handmade find on Etsy this week

When I took the handmade pledge, I promised myself to use handmade items as often I as could for me and my family.
I've always used day and night facial cream that they cost a lot of money. Lately, I've been hunting for the perfect handmade creams and I think I found them! I found them on, in this gorgeous boutique:
I just received them today, I tried them on and I am impressed!
I bought them at the beginning of the week and they arrived so fast! Now that's fast shipping!
They came very nice packaged - I felt like I received a gift - organza pink pouch and pink tissue paper. Plus, there was a little something extra for me, too.
I was also impressed by their excellent customer service.
What can I say! A+++ store!

2 comentarii:

Baroness Bijoutery spunea...

Very nice post...thanks for the heads up about this shop..will check it out.

Cristina spunea...

Hi, you're welcome! It's a great store with great products!


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