marți, 22 iulie 2008

No sales on my Etsy store... yet!

It's been few month already since I opened my Etsy online store!
I did a lot of research on how to sell on Etsy:
I've been very active in forums;

I've listed new items every day - it's true, I only listed 13 items so far, but I am still working on it! It is hard to make jewelry and then take pictures of it, then edit it on Adobe Photoshop, and then add it to the online store, plus try to advertise. A lot of things to do!
Today I gave everybody at work my business card with my Etsy store on it!

After doing all that, still no sale! I think the important thing is to be consistent, keep advertising!

So... no sales...yet!

2 comentarii:

Lazy Daze spunea...

I feel the same way. I know I could put a lot more time in my shop, but from what I have heard on the forums the jewelry category is so saturated with sellers it's hard to get sales. You have some lovely pieces so just keep trying. That's what I try to do.

Cristina spunea...

Hi, I love your blog! Yes, I a little frustrated with my jewelry sales! I will keep on trying, what can I do?
Good luck with your store! Hopefully, soon, we will have lots of sales.


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