joi, 17 iulie 2008

The Beginning of my Jewelry Business!

Finally, I got serious with my new hobby - the jewelry making hobby that turned into a little business, just because this is like a drog, once you start, you get addictive. And this is an expensive hobby, too! In order to buy more and more and more beads, I had to sell some of my creations!
First, I made some earrings that I took them to work, and guess who bought my first pair? My friend Lorena ( I think she wanted to be supportive). Selling my first pieces of jewelry gave me the courage to continue! Now, every time I go to work, I have a little box full of jewelry, just in case some of my co-workers are interested.
This is an unknown road I am taking, and I am a little scared, but I cannot stop!
I am going for it!
I am soon going to be a jewelry designer!
I have so much to learn!
I am so exited!
Wish me luck!

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