luni, 28 iulie 2008

Improving my Etsy store

I was very excited about opening my new online store!
I've created some great jewelry pieces, I took pictures from all angles, I edited them with my photoshop program, and finally, I posted them in my e-store!
I thought I did a great job! But, I figured I needed extra opinion, so I went to Etsy forums and asked other fellow etsians to take a look at my store and to tell me what they though. It didn't go to well. I had a lot of negative(but constructive) critiques!
My banner was bad ( I did it my self and I was proud of it!), my pictures were unfocused, blurry and dark; my background wasn't good ether!
They told me all the pictures should be in the same line, and they should tell the same story; they should be uniform when you look at all of them.
Bottom line everything I had done was wrong!
What a disappointment! Had to start all over again! New pictures, new banner, new background!
One very nice lady selling on Etsy helped me with banner. For a very small fee she did extraordinary job! She was very patient with me, too.
If you are in need of a custom made banner for your online store I really recommend this lady! She will do
My banner looks great now, and tell the same story like my jewelry do.
I am still working on improving my pictures. It's hard and very time consuming!
But, when you have a website you need great pictures! After all, pictures sell your product!
I have a lot of work to do so, good bye!

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Elizabeth spunea...

Well, your store looks fabulous now.

Oh, My! I need someone to help me with my store and I know I need some adjustments in pics, too. They need to be cropped more. And they need to be put into categories. I will never find time to paint :}. I go to Etsy forums often and get a lot of ideas for promotion/advertising. Vista Print is a good place; I got 250 cards for free and a website for just yesterday for $15. My friend made me a simple site that takes me to Etsy. Just go to and see Painted Decorative Delights & click; she is a designer and does good work. I need to get that extra opinion for my etsy shop. Think I will be in for a rude awakening.

I hope you are joining Interior Design; that is my main team I joined. Also, you might try flickr and indierepublic for more exposure; takes a lot of time; but more people see your shop.


Teresa spunea...

You have many beautiful products! Good luck with your Etsy store!

My Blog: Growing Piggy Bank

Alterity spunea...

One word of sure to keep some of the old photos and your old banner. Reason being as that you are going to see your store morph and your photos improve greatly over the next year. it is very cool to look back on what you were and what you have become :]

Cristina spunea...

Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your comment. Are you a painter? I would love to see your store and your work.

Cristina spunea...

Alterity, you are right! Now that I look at my old pictures, I realize that! My pictures improved a lot!


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